Find your way out of darkness

- depression, anxiety, stress and burnout

Worried, stressed or depressed? Does your mind keep you tense with thoughts and images of what ‘might’ go wrong, do you feel tired, fed-up or have you simply lost the joy of day-to-day life?

Anxiety is the number one mental health issue in North America to date. Prescription medications are being taken by 65% of North Americans daily to purposefully alter their emotions and their moods. 

As drugs are not able to soften or enhance specific emotions without affecting all emotions, those who take anti-depressants are often left in a haze, feeling numbed out or disconnected emotionally.

The Out of the Blue seminar will help you learn the truth about the underlying causes of these unhealthy patterns, habits or life experiences. You will learn steps that put you on the path towards more clarity, peace-of-mind and ease. And you’ll develop some priceless skills to get you back on the road to freedom and fulfilment.

Is your friend in bad shape and looking for help?

Has your friend become more tense or uncomfortable lately? Irritation, frustration, maybe even anger? Denial is a huge challenge for both men and women suffering from stress or anxiety. 

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